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Bemban Polo Shirt

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Collectable Premium Borneo Polo Shirt by BORNEONATIVE® - Heritage Wear™ :  Redefining Borneo Arts! 

Rattan or 'wai' (in Penan) or "wi" (in Iban) plays a very important part in the lives of the Borneo tribes. It is used to weave strong and durable baskets (raga/lanji/uyut/belanyat), mats (tikai/mang) and bangles (selungan) just to name a few. 

Certain mats—as well as other basketry items such as baskets and hats—may carry or refer to entire pictorial narratives. They tell about mythical heroes, spirits, and Gods and have profound social and ritual significance. Among the Iban, certain patterned mats are infused with spiritual power associated with motifs, such as the dragon, that they carry. Made by famous plaitresses, these power-ful mats are given “praise names” (julok), and sleeping on such a mat, covered in a powerful patterned pua’ blanket, is said to produce important dreams. 

It's all about how you look and feel with your BORNEONATIVEⓇ collection - starting from the best quality fabric, nobly finished printing, distinguished Borneo designs and the whole story of art...

Every designs have its own story. Inspired by the Native's folklores, the chant sang by the barts, the dreams of the elders, and the original design of the Native Borneo that past for generations... 

So, what does this pieces of artwear tells? We left that part for you to interpret... Because we have always thought that clothes are much more than the way you look... It is the way you are! Afterall, you are what you wear! :)